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Do This In The Interview If You Really Want The Job

Be creative.  Just because an interview is formal and makes you nervous doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative in the interview.  If you want to memorable, be creative and find fun ways to highlight your talents and abilities in an interview.  In fact, being creative and showing your authentic self is a quick way to separate yourself from the crowd of other candidates and stand out as one of the best.  But how do you do it? Here is one idea:

Of course, we don’t all have friends who are willing to go to such lengths to help us land a job.  But you can still be creative and set yourself apart.  Ask yourself a few keys questions:

  1. What can I do to better understand the company, the position and the hiring manager?  Everyone is looking up the company on the internet and reading the job description.  Did you check out the hiring manager or other company employees on Linked In?  You may have someone in common in your network that could provide insight or even a reference.  Did you speak to current employees who work for the person that is interviewing you?  Consider what other unique information is available that relates to your interest in the job and the company.
  2. How can I present myself in an authentic way?  Think about who you are and what you bring to the job.  How could you best represent this?  Choosing what you wear, how you approach the interview, information you bring to share in the interview and how you  interact in the interview are are ways to set yourself apart. For example, if you have a hobby or special interest that you pursue in your free time and it relates to the role or your performance then make sure to bring it up in the interview.
  3. Am I giving honest and real answers?  One of the worst mistakes you can make in an interview is answering questions the way you think you should or the way you think others would or the way you think the interviewer wants you to.  This is obvious with the old standby interview question: “what is your greatest weakness?”  Resist the urge to give a phony answer like “I tend to work too hard or I am so productive that I rarely leave enough work for my co-workers to do.” Really?  It is obvious that answers like these are not genuine.  We all have areas we could improve on.  Pick one and discuss how you are working to improve.  Be honest and you will find a job and an organization that is a much better fit for you.

When you work hard to land an interview for a great job, make the most of it by finding creative ways to showcase your talent and passion.

“Resist the urge to confirm to the way you think people are expected to behave in an interview.  Be creative and enjoy the time with the interviewer. “

People hire people they like.  It is hard for people to like us if we hide who we really are. So go ahead and have some fun and be creative.  In the end it is just a job interview – take some creative risks and have some fun!

What example do you have of being creative in a job interview?